Thursday, April 8, 2010

All in all...

it has been a really nice Thursday. Maybe this can count as my Thankful Thursday post. Something I have intended to do all along but have not been diligent to accomplish.

Thursday is a real rest day for the household. We sleep in. We eat a relaxed breakfast (cereal). We start school later. And today was the last portion of our standardized tests so the quiet. Ohmy. The quiet was startling. I managed to get three loaves of banana bread plus a dozen banana muffins cooked in that time. All put up in the freezer for future.

Homemade granola is in the oven right now. And supper is nearly done. All adding up to a productive kitchen day in my book.

After the test we read a couple more chapters of White Fang. This book plus Call of the Wild have been our literature studies this year. As a girl growing up, I missed these books. Opting for more of the Anne of Green Gables genre. Adding to what I consider more of the homeschooling boon: reading great lit that I missed in my school years.

Lunch followed with another couple hours of quiet time. The boys had a rousing game of Monopoly while I studied and organized and rebooted laundry in and out.

Most thankful for today: the rain. The blessed rain. We had a sure 'nuff downpour of about 20 minutes. Now we're getting that steady pitter patter drizzle. The pollen is puddling and washing off into the woods. The boys celebrated with a mud fight. I blew my nose and then actually breathed in. Without coughing.

God is good all the time. In the small and large things of course. Today found me thankful for the regular providences of life that remind me why I'm home with my children, why I homeschool, and why these are really the best days of my earthly life.


  1. Sounds like you've had a hugely productive day, along with a good Spring rain to wash the pollen away. We have that yet to come---pine tree pollen that makes every surface look like it's been dusted with dry mustard.

    "God is good all the time." A hearty amen to that from this old girl.

  2. I too am enjoying getting to read books that I didn't read as a child, and am also looking forward to sharing my favorites with the kiddos when they get independent.