Thursday, December 10, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O....

Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches.

Because that's all you got, baby!

It's different. It's ours. We love it.

I asked Husband which tree cutting process had he enjoyed more. 1) Drive to Christmas tree farm in middle of nowhere. Tromp through woods to dither over which tree is most Christmassy. Cut it down. Plunk down $50 + bucks to man at Christmas tree farm. Lug it back to van. Adhere to van with much "discussion". Drive it home. Cut the stump and place in bucket of water. 24 hours later, wrestle into house. Affix in tree stand. Affix to walls with fishing line. Wrestle lights onto myriad branches.

Or option 2) Walk out into back yard. Cut down hardwood. Walk back to house. Place tree in tree stand. Watch wife wrestle lights onto few but substantial branches.

His answer, "Well, I am not sure how to comment. But I will tell you that I all ready have next year's tree picked out."

Woo hoo! Mr. Grinch and Mrs. Claus have rediscovered the Christmas spirit!


  1. Your delightful tree is a kissing cousin to one that was part of our Christmas long past. We loved ours too.

    I like your deep baseboards and crown molding. And the color of your walls!

  2. Very cool! Nicely done decorations as well. Now we just need to find a good way to hide that big green bucket. It definately takes away from the simplicity of design. A drape that blends to the carpet color might be better than a standard tree skirt just because I don't think you want to "dress it up". Or perhaps something done with wicker might blend in nicely.

  3. I love it! If we weren't trashy artificial tree people, I'd totally do this.