Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brain dump...

about to happen. If I were class-ay like Lisa Writes I would call it a status report. She single-handedly gave renewed hope to the hop scotch bloggers like myself through that one. It revitalizes me to read hers. That and I'm a stalker.

Anyway, I am having DTs from having blogged every day but one during Rebecca Writes Month of Thankfulness, and all I can pull together is a Brain Dump Status Report. My apologies to both Lisa and Rebecca for pulling their names (and links) into the drivel about to follow.

Sitting.....at my desk which is no less than a disaster space right now. There's a Shape magazine on it offering me "sneaky ways to get fit", a Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection CD-Rom and a whole host of commentaries, notes, iPod earphones, lip balm and a red pencil. That was a description of only one corner. And now the theme to "one of these things is not like the others" is ringing in my ears.

Listening......to the boys playing Wii. Mario Karts to be exact. I admit. We finally succumbed. Blame it on the uber generosity of my sister and brother-in-law who, I think, secretly believe that we are THE most neglectful parents in all of Ameri-land for not having purchased a Wii in last year's craze haze. The boys received it at Thanksgiving because of various gift-giving logistical complications. And I'll even admit that I have played a game or two.

Waiting....on Husband to show up from an all day conference. Ooops. There he is. Isn't that providential?

Drinking....nothing right now but a cup of Toffee Cappucino is about to begin whistling my name.

Thinking.....about tomorrow's lesson on John 7. I wrestled with this chapter for a while. That's where some of the best truths come out, and I'm depending on God to make my teaching clear.

Delighted in.....how our very different Christmas tree this year did actually result. I'm working on the whole picture thing. But go here for a hint.

Satisfied....with how our homeschool curriculum is progressing. We finished our Astronomy today. We're nearing the end of our vocabulary, Chairman's phonics and grammar. Pele has completed two math mastery books this year so far. Buying curriculum every year I always wonder how close I will be with the estimates of our time and abilities, and I am very thankful for God's grace in the workings this year.

Adding....to our curriculum geography, Latin word roots, and critical thinking skills plus a newer vocabulary program to supplement and layer for what has been finished.

Thankful for....(because I can't resist another jab at this heart attitude) how sweet our family time has been of late. The boys are growing like crazy, and as I see them turning quickly, oh so quickly, into young men of God, I am nostalgic and hopeful and prayerful all at once for God's mercies to continue to rest upon them.

Time.....to talk to Husband. He's eating our leftover waffles. And my Toffee Cappucino is ready.



  1. Ooooooooo, I can't WAIT to see pictures!!! And, what is this "toffee cappuccino" of which you speak and when can I come get mine?

  2. I've always been quite fond of Charlie Brown Christmas trees!

  3. Love, love, love the tree. Let me say that again, I LOVE the tree. We got a Wii a couple of months ago, but your's has a much more noble origin. We bribed our kids with one so I could get out of planning back to back birthday parties. I'm sure I should feel worse about that than I do.

    Enjoy your coffee... you just inspired me to make some hot chocolate.

  4. Love the brain dump. And the link love too. Feel free to toss my name AND url around any so-called drivel you write. I consider it an honor! ;-)

    And totally love the "hop scotch blogger" description. Amen, sister. Right there hopping and jumping alongside you.