Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday stirrings at...

Fiddledeedee's blog involve yummy recipes like this one. Saturday stirrings at this house just mean it is Saturday and we are stirring around. Albeit slowly.

Plans for a Boy Scout camping trip were kiebashed by weather. Plans for moving furniture out of my parents' house and into ours were concocted. Within 12 hours one move is replaced for another. At o'dark hundred, Husband was up and out the door to Chattanooga, picking up my brother-in-law on the way. Two guys in a truck to rent an enclosed trailer for hauling stuff. It could all be trouble.

The boys and I left to our own devices hit the ground running with multiple errands. Helpers in the grocery store. Helpers at the Goodwill store. Helpers unloading and loading the van. Helpers on secret gift missions. I am all for the habit of helpfulness and its critical impact to the general running of the family.

Now home, they're watching "Science of the Movies". I am stealing this moment to filter through the thoughts in my head.

The kitchen is in 3 stages of disrepair as 5 different things need to be made, created, baked and cooked. I am trying out some new recipes this year in preparation for a cookie swap, a Christmas caroling party and general joviality. Starting out with the recipes has all ready led to substitution alley. So far, the substitution results have held up to critical taste tests.

I think the stall tactics have run out of steam. The last 40 words have been dithering. Back to the stirring grind.


  1. At least you have GOALS. "Clean my room" isn't exactly a big accomplishment, but I'll be lucky if I get to check it off my list. I dream infintesimally small. (can't get that word to look right. New goal: learn how to spell ifintesimulllll....)

  2. Happy baking to you, Elle! I have yet to begin, but it's part of the plan for next week.