Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankful for my Mac...

laptop. Really, truly thankful for this thing. I saved for months to purchase it and every month was so worth it. I bought a Mac on advice of Jules at Everyday Mommy. She was right; I'll never go back to PC.

In fact, I am so indoctrinated now that I have to ask the boys for help on their homeschool PC because I get stuck and frustrated with the system.

When I was bedridden with my back problem, my Mac kept me from the stir crazies with its portable companionship. I travel with my Mac and feel like such a techno big girl. Oh, the irony of it. I still have tons to learn on operating this thing but I am so having fun with the learning curve.

Technology and computer time can certainly have their downfalls with lack of discipline and poor time management, but finding a balance and right purpose for the technology is worth pursuing with wisdom.

Have you joined us yet at Rebecca Writes for a Month of Thankfulness?

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  1. I'm even more thankful for my Mac now that it's in a coma. Kids spilled water on the keyboard and I can't decide if I should sell them to the gypsies to buy a new laptop or just punish them with my exploding head, flaming eyesockets, and lunatic rantings for the next few days. Oh, wait. I already do that...