Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful for hymns...

and the fact that my boys love them too. I am not seeking a debate but....I have always preferred hymns, solid doctrinal, God exalting hymns over praise choruses, most praise choruses.

I know that statement just bothered somebody. And I will say in defense of more recent praise choruses I have heard that more of them seem to be coming from the truths of scripture instead of the practice of vain phrase repetition.

The point of my thanks here though is on hymns and how so many of the classic ones tell a story of God's redemptive work. Take for example, Martin Luther's A Mighty Fortress. If you neglect singing through all the verses of that hymn, then you miss the victory story told in that hymn. My youngest son's favorite hymn is Luther's A Mighty Fortress because he loves the story that he recognizes the words as telling.

My oldest son's favorite hymn is Holy, Holy, Holy. He said that he loves this hymn because it describes to him the glory of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My middle son's favorite hymn is Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. He loves this one because it tells of God's work and provision for His people.

I grew up in churches where only hymns were sung, but I was an adult before I saw the doctrines they contained. A goal Husband and I have in our training of our boys is that they learn and enjoy hymns now as well as learn and appreciate their doctrines. It is a delight to my soul to see their hands shoot up at church with hymns to request when our church has its hymn sing nights.

I am thankful for many classic and beautiful hymns.

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  1. I'm with you 100% on this, Elle! No debate here.

  2. I'll have to say that while I love contemporary songs, I do still love some of the great hymns. They are so full and rich in vocabulary and theology, and they should never be replaced. I want my kids to know and love them, too.