Monday, August 10, 2009

Chapter 3, Hebrews...

by Nancy Guthrie is titled "Where are you going?" This made me pause because the day I was studying this chapter, this exact question was on my mind. And I didn't know. Nancy then goes on to discuss the idea of rest being a goal we seek in all of our going but not always achieved in all of our going. We're small-brained hamsters on a perpetual wheel.

This really made me pay attention because I know this to be true of myself in many ways. Husband will tell you that my motto immemorial has been, "Go there, Be there, Do there, Leave there." Sometimes I get so busy with the motto that I lose the purpose and wind up frustrated in every point. Working harder doesn't necessarily mean I'm working smarter.

The question she asks is what keeps God's people from real rest? Hebrews warns God's people clearly that the answer is found in our hardened hearts, fast seeking after our own purposes and abandoning the truths of God. When we take our focus off of God's promises and put them on our perceived solutions to achieving what we want over what He offers, our seeking turns into wandering. Our wandering turns into wilderness. No wonder God's people are constantly tired. Rebellion will wear you out.

Which is why the solution to rebellion is always, always, always, confession and repentance. Confession is agreeing with what God has said about you. Repentance is about turning away from your way and turning to God's way. That yielding to God brings rest. Anything else is like pushing a metal desk up a rocky hill in a gale force wind aimed at you.

In Heb. 3:7-4:13 the author reminds his audience of the Israelites in the wilderness that made these mistakes of hardened hearts against God's way and unbelief towards God's promises. Although they said they wanted rest, they were not willing to find the rest that God was offering. They said that they believed God, but they lived in utter unbelief towards Him. To disregard His word is to ignore the rest He offers.

I don't want to ignore the rest He offers. Which means that I must consider His word, deeply and consistently. His ever living, always penetrating, thoroughly dividing my soul and spirit, utterly piercing Word. What He says about me is true. What He promises me is true. I will either choose to believe His word or not. And sheltered in His word is rest. Complete and eternal rest.

That's where I want to go. That's where I want to be found. In His word.


  1. That's where I want to be found. Amen, amen and amen.

  2. Yes, sheltered in His word is real rest.

    This chapter was all about God's word to me. Opening up our lives under the AUTHORITY of scripture. There is heart-wrenching conviction and shame, but the outcome is the removal of sins that I have become so comfortable with and coming clean with God.

    "As he exposes my shallow beliefs and false intentions with the truth of his Word, he is able to cut away what displeases him, and I am better for the exposure. Until he cuts it away, I can never fully rest."

    And then she adds, this "makeover is lifelong process and the tool God uses is His word."

    I can honestly say that all of this is not easy. I also know that I am one that wants everything yesterday. Thank goodness the Lord is merciful and kind.

    Elle, thank you for suggesting this study.

  3. And just when I get rid of one hamster wheel I find a shiny one to replace it... Praise God for His persistence and His patience!