Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow, it looks like I...

still have a blog. I mean, it didn't disappear or anything although quite obviously I disappeared. Or as the boys used to say, "disappeart". At times like this in a blogger's life, one must resort to the bullet style post. It's quick, it's easy, and it clears a guilty conscience for not having more substantive material.

1. We're in the thick of homeschooling. Our year round schedule starts in June so our days have been busy with grammar, science, math, history, writing, spelling and Spanish. We've also been taking as many field trips as we can to various museums and historical locations before traditional school kids are in the mix.

2. Anytime we can fit a mini-vacay into a field trip, that's a double bonus for this mom. Our trip to Chattanooga in July and the most recent one to the Gulf is a key example of such antics. Mom gets a tan and a break while the kids get ed-u-ma-cated. Score!

3. I'm still working on my Hebrews study (more to come in a next post), also finishing up the Proverbs study I wrote for the boys, and I'm getting ready to teach John this fall. So, many early mornings find me with eyelids propped open and coffee being infused to pay attention to God's word.

4. Family and friends have been heavy upon my heart this summer as I've learned much from God in relationship skills, mostly my deficiencies and His grace. I trust these lessons will be ongoing as I put into practice some new disciplines.

5. I've spent much time thinking about the way that God is moving our family into some new things and choices. Change is not always my friend, think "she likes routines", so there has been a lot of wrestling. Suffice it to say that I'm limping but joyful and at peace that the one who holds the breath of life endures with His children and never leads them astray.

6. In truth, there's been a lot to blog about but I'm busy living it all right now. Thanks for hanging around. I'll post the next chapter of the Hebrews study later today.


  1. It's good to hear life is happening and you are taking it all in...Blessings.

  2. Glad you're alive. Are you planning on sharing this Proverbs study with anyone? Hmmm?

  3. Alive, but unshowered and unshaved. Vacation mentality persists.

    Um, yes, on the Proverbs study with a caveat. My older two boys are 11 and 12 and purity issues are on this mom's mind regarding their training. I'm dragging the 8 yr old along with them but trying to tread lightly in all of the "Beware the Adulteress!" warnings. In fact, if you ask the 8yo what is adultery? he will answer, "It's when you're married but you like someone else better." The 11 & 12 yos will answer, "It's acting like you're married with someone you're not married to."

    Allrightythen, I'll take those answers right now. I only wrote the study for Prov. 1-9, heavy emphasis on the "pay attention to your father, heed your mother's instructions" parts. B/c I'm no fool. :) The boys read through a section of verses every day, answer some questions, and then we discuss the other parts. It's a true skeleton study. I tried to include application questions as well. Things like, give me 2 practical examples of how you will "trust in the Lord".

    With more time and a smarter mom, I think this could be really great for moms of sons (& daughters--I'm just now one and think that would take greater tweaking in some chapters). I'm happy to send it along to you. It will take your own tweaking but it's a start. It's in a Word doc and I still have to finish the last chapter. Let me know.

  4. Oh! Oh! Me too! Doc's almost 7 so he might be too young for it now, but I have a great filing cabinet:)

    I would love to hear what you're learning in the relationship department because I'm incredibly awkward that arena.