Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sesame street was part of...

some of the best years of my life. Years when one of these things was not like the other and such distinctions were not minutely relativistic; when you knew everybody in your neighborhood and you weren't concerned one of them was pedo--philic; and when entire shows had a unifying theme of a letter, a simple letter, and the other letters weren't offended that the focus wasn't on them that day.

Simple times. Good years.

So when blog inventor of the Status Report, Lisa Writes, posted a meme entitled, "This post brought to you by the letter "L", I was flooded with nostalgia. And found myself humming, "Sun-ny days..." She asked for participants in the alphabet meme and in the spirit of good Sesame Street morality, I agreed to play along as well.

Here's my version, brought to you by the letter "D".

It's the alphabet game, blogging version. Here's the rules: If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain will continue.

1) Daddy. Both my own Daddy (and I still call him that) and Husband, the Daddy of my children. I'm thankful for having a strong Daddy in my life and his influence. Likewise, I count it a huge blessing in my life to have my sons being nurtured by a strong, faithful Daddy.

2) Dogs. I grew up with dogs, and Husband will tell you that the first year of our marriage involved a daily plaintive plea from me, "I want a puppy." When we did finally get one, she was the belle of our house ball. I cried buckets when she died. Currently, I am existing under the tyranny of two cats (what was I thinking?) and waiting for the day when our home can be filled with a dog again. Until that day, I live vicariously through my friend Kim at Hiraeth and her precious girls, Eve and Ivy.

3) Darkness shattered by light. My favorite house to live in was not my "favorite" house at all except that it was on a street without streetlights. We lived there right after James died, and many nights I crept outside into that utter darkness and searched the sky for light to shatter that darkness. And God did. But I have never forgotten how the darkness taught me to look for His light.

4) Details. This one drives Husband crazy that I can remember freaky and weird details about people's lives and events. That I can remember what a person was wearing when I met them, or what we ate years ago, or strange thematic movie elements. We are the couple of headlines and details. He wants the headlines, but baby, I love the details.

5) Debt paid by Christ. I just finished studying Leviticus and a theme throughout the book taught in the offerings and sacrifices and tabernacle and feasts and Jubilee is that Christ paid my entire debt of sin. Knowing even just the surface of my debt leaves me in the dust. Knowing how He paid it all lifts my head in exaltation of His Name!

6) Dining out. We didn't eat out a lot when I was growing up, and we still only eat out as a family maybe 3 times a month. So dining out, where someone else does the cooking and the cleaning, is a real treat to me.

7) Dessert. This one would follow #6 now that I have food on the brain. I'm picky about dessert though. If I'm going to "spend" the calories, then the choice has to be choicest. Cheesecake always wins with me for dessert.

8) Doing. My friends and family will tell you that I'm a doer of many things. Sometimes too many. My motto in college was, "Go there, Be there, Do there, and Leave there." I become very impatient with the events of life (pick your poison) that promise something will be done, accomplished, acquired, realized, only to sit and wait for the indecisive and unprepared to steal your time of doing. Mulit-tasking is a sport in my life.

9) Decisions. Another logical follow up to the previous "D" love. I am a decisive person. I appreciate other decisive people. The Lord has placed me in a position where I have to make lots of decisions every day. Learning to make decisions from a Biblical worldview has been the study of my life for the last decade plus. I still have a long way to go, but the Lord's opportunities of practice keep me humble.

10) Delight. I love to laugh and make others laugh. Laughter was a mainstay in my home as a child, and it's part of the dizzy pace of our living now. Delighting in the Lord's good gifts, delighting in His blessings and discipline, and delighting in the imperishable inheritance He has eternally secured for His people. Delight is something I love.

Thanks for the tag, Lisa. Let me know if you want to play in the comments.


  1. I love reading all your posts and enjoyed this one immensely! Thank you for sharing about yourself. Would love it if you elaborated on #9. Especially the part about decisions from a Biblical worldview.

  2. I enjoyed reading your d's Elle...
    I can relate well to all your d's but the dogs and of course the loss of James. I haven't had to live through the loss of a child. We always had so many kids growing up there was no room or money for pets so I never learned to want them in my life. :0)