Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday's thoughts are being posted...

on Tuesday. That's today, for all you moms wondering where the day has gone. I know. That's the way things sometimes roll.

Monday was our 179th day of homeschool. Georgia only requires 180 days of formal attendance reporting. Yesterday should have been a day of highlights, but it was a day that challenged me in homeschooling. I thought the first day of homeschooling was the longest of your life. Yesterday beat it by a mile.

Again, that's the way things sometimes roll.

Then I read this post at Spunky's and cross posted over at The Homeschool Post. And I remembered all over again why we homeschool. Day 179 ended with a humble and exhilarated heart.

Today was not only Day 180....woo hooo! yes! yes! yes! But it was also the day when this amazing prize package arrived.

[caption id="attachment_886" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Prize package!"]Prize package![/caption]

Note the picture was taken with Mac iPhoto. No washes were used. No special tones or effects were utilized. No animals were harmed in the taking of the picture.** Yes, the titles are backwards. How do you fix that in a Mac iPhoto program?

The books are The Love As A Way of Life devotional by Gary Chapman, for couples only by shaunti and jeff feldham, and I Do Again by Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs.

It's all I have photographically right now, and I didn't want the moment to go un-bloggetized. Because then, did it really happen? There's one for you existentalists.

I won this sweet prize from Mocha with Linda's contest. I was actually randomly integerized. How cool is that? So many, many thanks to Linda. I look forward to the reading and the viewing.

Tomorrow, I will mail off the homeschool attendance records for the last time this year. Caveat: while our days of counting attendance are legally completed, we still finish our curriculum. At this point in the year though, we're pretty much able to go to three days a week school. With the weather improving, many more outside activities are enjoyed during these days.

So, this ends the Monday post on a Tuesday afternoon. My heart is still humbled and exhilarated for the lessons, the gifts and the fact that sometimes the way things roll teaches you the most.

**(Actually, I did have to swat the cat that kept trying to rub against the corner of the Mac while I was trying to take the picture. Full disclosure sigh.)

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  1. Congrats! We're on day 82ish, but I don't think I'll technically be able to count today since it's 10:30 AM and so far the kids have spent the morning playing outside and are now building a fort in the family room. Let's see, I could count that as PE and possibly spelling/handwriting if I include the "Kids - No Udults" sign my 6 year old just posted on the fort. But that's probably stretching it a bit:)