Monday, February 9, 2009

High cholesterol is a family business...

apparently. My ship will come in when some eco-fan discovers that LDL is an alternative fuel source. My family will be top suppliers for the commodity. We'll open cholesterol pheresis centers and harvest the plaque right out of our veins.

A girl can dream.

One of the most frustrating aspects of our above average cholesterol production is that outside of the occasional Five Guys dinner, we're a healthy eating bunch. My mom raised us with fruits and vegetables, lean meats and reduced fat dairy. Gravy and fried fascinations were not the staples of my diet as a child or as an adult. Regardless of my Southern upbringing.

Yes, I have indulged the occasional french fry fronanza and I adore milkshakes. Ahem. But this is the stuff of occasional, not regular consumption. I am on the low end of the healthy weight range for my height, and I'm a lifetime WW member who knows her points. I can even South Beach with the best of them. Hoo-ah!

But my cholesterol production has no regard whatsoever apparently for my attempts to eat healthy and low fat and maintain my weight. Up till now I have bypassed the need any prescriptive intervention simply by continuing with a healthy diet and exercise. Last year's herniated disc, subsequent bedrest and surgical recovery did put a wrench in the exercise regularity even though my diet did not change significantly. Yet, my physical the end of 2008 reflected some not so pretty bloodwork results. My cholesterol is too high. My LDL is too high. My blood presssure is fine. Thanks for asking.

Prescription: take the fish oil, continue to eat lowfat and exercise as much as possible.

Sigh. This is what I'm doing, as regularly and faithfully as I can. Getting back on my treadmill has actually been enjoyable. More on that later.

But people, when Al Gore discovers that LDL powers hybrids.....then, baby, I'm in the money. Ka-ching!


  1. I'm hoping my blood draw in March will show better results in this cholesterol world...
    I used to always have my yearly right after Christmas, the high butter and red meat consumption time of the year. It's my goal to push out my yearly gradually to be in July instead. This year it's March...moving right along.

  2. and then there's alternative medicine that would argue that the high cholesterol may not be the red flag that the pharmaceuticals would like us to believe that it is.

    good luck with your treamill, I will try to get myself on my gazelle sometime today!

  3. bummer. Oatmeal. I've heard steel cut is the best. And legumes. They don't just actually prevent cholesterol, they help LOWER it.