Monday, January 12, 2009

Sneezing my head off..

may actually occur today. I know it's supposed to only be an expression, but honestly, if a person really sneezes 50+ times in 30 minutes, don't you think the odds of her head flying off mid-sneeze are pretty good?

This is a major concern for me today because of all days, I need my head today. Certainly there are some days when I don't need it so much, or goodness sakes, probably don't use it as I should, but today, to-day, I need my head.

Why? Because there are lessons to plan and teach, studies to read and complete, words to write and be read, boys to train and a husband with which to converse. I'd like my head around for these things.

The sneezing must stop. Either that or I'm calling Guiness because something worthwhile should come out of all this blasted a-chooing effort.


  1. Maybe instead of calling Guiness, you should have a Guinness and see if that helps... :0)

  2. Oh, we understand here at our house!!! My husband can sneeze like this and he can't even get a breath in between sneezes!!!

    Here's hoping you didn't lose your head today.

    And that thing about coughing up a lung? It's true too!

  3. Here's hoping your head is still attached.

    Bless you.

  4. ever try a netti pot? FavoriteSon was coughing like crazy (from post nasal drip) and used a netti pot for the first time the other day. AMAZING!