Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My head did manage...

to stay on. However, all the nose blowing and wiping of drips did leave the nares chapped and red. I'm a walking facial tissue commercial.

And at one point, I sneezed so hard and so many times in a row that I gave myself a crick in the neck. I kept thinking, please don't rupture another disc. Ugh! What a weird day.

Today, the body is trying to function as a body and not as a territory of warring factions.

Ellen B., any liquid I did take during the day to try and flush my system actually contributed to an, ahem, not so pleasant er, side effect of multiple sneezes.

Need I say more?

And JSM, a netti pot is going to get a google. Thanks for everyone's gesunheit wishes.

1 comment:

  1. Let me know on the netti pot deal...

    Hope you're feeling better and soon!