Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The strange book meme...

of 5/56 made its winding way to A Complete Thought. I don't quite know what to think of this meme. I wonder which blogger after a night of indigestion or lack of sleep thought of this one.

That, and reading through everyone's quotes and hints, I'm either a disturbingly poorly read illiterate or have no memory recall at all. I read the quotes and can't think at all of from where they came. I sit there scratching my head thinking, "It sounds like...."

And nothing comes.

The following is my effort. Oh yes, the meme rules are to take 10 books and transcribe the 5th sentence from page 56. At least five books are fiction, five hints about the book are provided and then six other bloggers are given the assignment.

(I am twisting this meme to my own liking. Call it my own indigestive process. It's just what I do to memes and recipes.)

1. Prayers and tears could not suffice to pardon my sins,

2. Wringing water out of his plaid, Duncan wondered if his father would have considered this playacting.

3. The creature, which was still steaming and shaking itself on the back and had obviously not seen him, opened its mouth and began to make noises.

4. I couldn't remember one word when I woke up this morning.

5. It (the wedding) was in the same Methodist church where he saw Ellen for the first time, according to Miss Rosa.

6. I didn't see, but I didn't say so.

7. They are assuming that doctrine is really peripheral and that the level of tension felt over and against the culture should be minimized if they are to succeed.

8. Even Christ, whose vicar the pope boasts he is, was never willing to have anything to do with temporal rule.

9. The adjective "only begotten" conveys the idea, not of derivation and subordination, but of uniqueness and consubstantiality: Jesus is all that God is, and He alone is this.

10. God is constant to Himself and His own purpose of grace.


For #1, this book and its multiple writers has changed the scope and purpose of my prayers.

For #2, this book's author has stated that one of his purposes in writing is to cause young boys and men to embrace Christianity with courage and boldness.

For #3, I'm a fan of tv/movie science fiction, but this writer caused me to love his written science fiction as well.

For #4, this book of a series made me want to have red hair, for years.

For #5, this writer allows me to not feel so guilty about my propensity to blog in long, rambling, run on-ish sentences--using a multitude of various, and interesting phrases and punctuation choices.

For #6, I took a course on this author's large body of work in college as an English major. I did not appreciate his large body of work until I reread his books as an adult of more difficult life experiences.

For #7, I received this book for Christmas this year and find myself alternately wailing and howling at how accurate, but somber, is this author's message and warning.

For #8, this author crawled up steps seeking his own works as salvation. The world has been changed evermore from his realization--the gift of God--that his works availed nothing.

For #9, this book came out of a set of articles from a learned man with a beard.

For #10, this author's writings cause me to love Christ more.

Tags:  Sorry, I can't do it specifically. I will put it this way though. If you all ready have your Christmas decorations up, then you should do this meme. If that excludes you, then if you haven't been to Williamsburg, you should do this meme. And lastly, if you have never been tagged specifically, you should do this meme.

That about covers it.

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  1. The author of #8 has got to be Martin Luther. But what work of his? I don't know.

    And is #4 one of the Anne of Green Gables books, written by L.M. Montgomery?

    Thanks for playing, Elle. I like your "twist" on the meme!