Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This post comes with a little whine...

and a lot of randomness. In an attempt to clear the fuzz of distraction from my head, in the vanity of having a complete thought, I just need to write some things down.

First, I had my first whammogram this week. The things I've been reading about them for years, the discomfort, the "handling", the sheer "are you kidding me?" factor---well, here's my bra off to you to say, "You're right. It was all that."
The shape of things was entirely changed for a full 24 hours.

Second, I have not decorated at all for Christmas yet. I've decided to work on the 12 days of decoration plan. 12 days before Christmas, I'll put up the red and green. We'll let it stay up for 12 days and then maybe, I can get everything back into its storage box within 12 days. Think it will work?

Third, I do still intend to finish my posts on Williamsburg.

Fourth, it's raining outside and it's supposed to rain for the next 48 hours. Rain seriously impedes my productivity level I've decided. I could not have been Noah's wife.

Fifth, the boys are cackling like mad at the old version of Swiss Family Robinson. If you've got boys, I highly recommend it.

Sixth, I'm done for now. Cheers.

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  1. Oh I love that old version of Swiss Family Robinson. Saw it at the drive-in with my family years and years and years ago :0)