Friday, November 21, 2008

So, there I was in the bathroom...

with the clippers and a long haired cat. Oh, and a son whose job was to corral the cat and possibly help hold him down while I did the deed.

I wish I could tell you that there was a happy ending to the story. But that would be lying. In truth, it was all quite ugly. And the cat, uglier.

If I could find the camera, I would think about taking a picture. The idea of trying to post it though overwhelms my brain today. Or any day for that matter. Just imagine what a gray cat with formerly long hair might look like if shaved with a cheese grater.

A couple of times I forgot to use the #2 guard.

And that right there is about the summation of my last couple of days. I'm trying to get us ready to go on a monumental trip. Thanksgiving is coming you realize. And while my Mom is infinitely blessed with the blitzkrieg genes for cleaning out, organizing and packing for 5 people, this daughter of hers reacts more like a cat in the bathroom about to be shaved.

Even my list of things necessary to do doesn't make any sense because it's all over the place. Under "buy socks for the boys"--Tangent: why doesn't anyone have socks when you need to pack? How do ALL the socks manage to disappear a scant 2 1/2 minutes before you need to sort and pack them? What exactly are these kids wearing every day in their shoes on their feet? Or dare I know? Tangent over--it says, "check museum pass cost" followed by "unplug appliances".

Why is that confusing? Because I need it in a linear chronological order but I can't seem to get it written down that way to actually follow it. I'm the literal, living version of "When You Give a Mouse A Cookie". Trying to get from one task to the next leads me right into the next 6 tasks that have to be done too.

Blogging doesn't clear it up either, but you see, when I walked downstairs I saw the computer which reminded me that I needed to check on that email from my sister. While I was checking my email, I noticed my feeder, and after I scanned a couple of blogs, I thought it might help to blog about my dilemma. I have to go now because I just heard the washing machine cut off.

Let's hope I make it there before the clothes sour.


  1. And that is exactly why I get to the end of my day and cannot figure out why I've gotten nothing done. Your "When You Give a Mouse...." description is sooooo apt. Thanks for the laugh today. I so relate to the sock dilemma, too. Must be a boy thing?

  2. I like the mental picture of reacting "like a cat in the bathroom about to be shaved." And I can relate.

    I can also relate to your When You Give A Mouse a Cookie description. You might've seen this before, but a funny email circulated a while back about the difference between men and women when they say they're going to bed. It's family friendly, and it's here:

  3. OH! I thought you were going to clip the cat's nails! Now I get it. The horror.

    I once forgot to use the number 2 guard on my husband's head.

    I was fired from haircuts for a long time.

  4. That last paragraph?! ME! TOTALLY! I am a shining model of inefficiency.

    This made me giggle. Thank you for that!