Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did you miss us?...

We spent Thanksgiving week on an amazing trip to Williamsburg, VA. It’s a trip that I first heard about at our May Homeschool Convention. There was a booth with great, big, glossy brochures that honestly made me drool. Coming off a summer of back surgery expenses and physical recovery, the trip seemed like a pipe dream. Until God made it possible in a gracious way.

So we packed our bags, got into the car and drove 100 hours. Okay, not quite a literal 100 hours, but you couldn’t have convinced my bottom of otherwise. I’ve consumed more gas station coffee in the last 9 days than my whole life.

As Chess said though, “I don’t like traveling at all, but the trip was totally worth it!” That’s saying a huge bit from the child who used to begin screaming the minute he was placed in a car seat or heard the words “car” and “seat” in any combination whatsoever.

The saving up for the trip began in earnest by June, and through bits and pieces plus a great measure of promotional offer from the Williamsburg Hotel & Motel Association, we were able to go. Their tourism was less than measly over the summer because of fuel expense, and several hotels were offering deals on their room prices or stay three nights, get the fourth night free.

We spent a ton of time in the research & finally found a Marriott Residence Inn offering a fourth night free for their 2 bedroom suites! With full kitchen! With hot breakfast buffet! I can take supper meals! We only have to eat lunches out! Woo Hoo!

On top of that, my mother-in-law agreed to go, volunteered her help with expenses; God caused the gas prices to go down, and voila! There we found ourselves in Williamsburg, VA over Thanksgiving.

I journaled, by hand, during the trip and will take the next several posts to write about our experiences for the sake of memory. While I was researching the trip, I actually found precious little in blog entries from other families. I figure there are other interested parties and maybe something we did or saw could help another family plan their trip.

Have you ever been to Williamsburg? What was your favorite thing?


  1. We were in Richmond! How dare you come that close and not tell me.......

  2. P.S. You do know I used to wear a hooped skirt and give tours at one of the James River Plantations don't you.

  3. Oh I would LOVE that trip!!! Why did you not take us???

    And by the MUST post pictures of this. How can you do that to me?