Thursday, October 9, 2008

While it is certainly....

cooling down around here in middle of a hot iron skillet country, I can't help but feel a bit teased by Fall's hints and promises. The mornings are lusciously cool, 50's and low 60's, which has me running around the house opening windows for the cool air.

By noon though, I wonder why the AC is constantly on. And then I remember the windows.

Having the windows open in the morning around our breakfast table has the boys in shorts and sweatshirts, proclaiming that they are freezing! except for the hot-natured son who isn't happy until the mornings boast 30's. Of course by noon, I'm tripping over discarded sweatshirts and socks and yelling at the owners to put their stuff up.

Getting the cool air in without the pollen of ragweed isn't an option either apparently so I'm sneezing my head off with a Fall classic allergy attack. People think I've got a cold from the cooler mornings.

Everything comes with its price.

Fall, wherever you are, I'm going to keep opening those windows for you to come in. Just come quickly, please. The hints are killing me.


  1. Fall classic...ha, ha! I know the feeling and fall can't come too quickly for me. I love it! Especially that hint of woodsmoke in the air :)

  2. We went to FavoriteSon's football game on Saturday and I was melting like a witch in water. I'm ready for some cooler weather!!!

  3. (I'm of course referring to the Wicked Witch in OZ, but I don't have her temperament. Just her tendency to melt. And maybe her dislike of dogs.)