Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have you heard the one...

about "There are three kinds of people--those who do math and those who do not."

I always grin at this one because I know I fit right in with the missing third group. We're still looking for that some number to be X.

Well, this quote was much more sobering.
I believe that the enemy divides all people into two categories: those he can ignore, and those he has to fight. I want to be one of those he has to fight.  (R. Logan & T. Clegg)

No joking here. Have you thought about where you fit in? In this case there isn't a third group option.


  1. To some degree, I feel like my answer to this changes minute by minute.

    There's a great song by Steven Curtis Chapman from a few years back called "Bring It On." It's become a rallying cry for my soul. I long to be a threat.