Saturday, July 7, 2007

I do adore the random...

questions meme because it's the meme to dig deep through the pile of useless trivia my head contains and be required to form such bits and pieces into complete thoughts. Certainly this kind of mental exercise should stave off brain degeneration. Please let it do so.

Kim of Hiraeth has tagged me for a random questions meme. It fits right into the necessary blogging time slot so here goes.

1. What is your favorite OUTDOOR memory, before Kindergarten.
I lived in Florida from birth to age 5. We lived very close to that Magical Kingdom of Princesses and a Mouse. My parents took me there fairly frequently so in addition to my memories of being hugged by Minnie and Goofy, there are dozens of pictures of this first child riding in teacups, a small world and on the trolley. The other outstanding outdoor memory I have is after my afternoon nap, my mom would let me splash around in the little plastic pool in our yard. There probably aren't as many pictures of me doing that, but the memory is a stronger one.

2. Do you find history fascinating and if so, which historical period are you most likely to explore?
I do thoroughly enjoy history. Right now the boys and I are studying the medieval period, and I find myself just as caught up in the stories of barbarian and viking invasion, castles and knights, church reformers and scholars. However, I've always been a great reader of the Victorian period as well. A hard call between the two. What I'm most enjoying in our history curriculum is studying how God ordained the events of man to work out His purposes--that's history!

3. What period of art do you prefer and who is your favorite artist?
Um, er, well the smart and sophisticate answer to this question will not appear on this blog. I must fall back on my mommyhood and say that my favorite period of art is what the children are currently drawing, but I can not pick a favorite artist.

4. What kind of vacuum cleaner to you own and would you recommend it to someone who is looking for a vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to pick up little red Vizsla hairs without locking itself to the expensive oriental rugs in the process. (not that I know anyone looking for a new vacuum cleaner solution. . .)
My vacuum cleaner is a Sears model of some sort with a Hepa filter of some sort to help the various asthmatics of some sort residing in house. (Kim, honestly I will get the more technical details if you're interested.) I have two indoor cats, one who is long-haired and the vacuum does its job with picking up that stuff. However, I've long been interested in the Dyson model that is reputedly specifically made for animal hair. That's where I'll be researching when Sears kicks the canister.

5. Tell me about your favorite pan, if you have one. Speaking of pans, have you ever made crepes? If so, what is your favorite filling?
My favorite pan is my cast iron skillet for cooking practically everything I can. My other favorite pan is my 15x13 stoneware perfect for cookies, sheet cakes and brownies. I have never made crepes, but have enjoyed my dad's creations. My favorite filling is fruit, usually strawberries.

Thanks for the tag, Kim. If you would like to stave off brain degeneration, check out Hiraeth and choose some questions.


  1. Oh, I love your answer to question 3!

    As a mom and former preschool teacher, I am a great lover and collector of children's art.

  2. Oh, forgot to tell you that my favorite pan is my 12" cast iron pan.

    It will be included in my will. . .

  3. I am all tagged out these days, but I couldn't help but comment on the favorite pan question. My fav is also a cast iron skillet. Good for cooking most anything, especially corn bread. Actually I have several different cast iron pieces. I inherited them from my Granny so they are well seasoned and very special to me.

  4. Kim and Sista Cala, I am so happy to hear that other gourmands appreciate the fine if not stellar qualities of the cast iron skillet. They are good for cooking.

  5. You might enjoy Charles Williams' book The Descent of the Dove. It is an overview of church history presented as, as you say, "how God ordained the events of man to work out His purposes."

  6. You might enjoy Charles Williams' book The Descent of the Dove. It is an overview of church history presented as, as you say, "how God ordained the events of man to work out His purposes."