Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'm flying on a jet plane...

to Texas this morning. All alone. My family has been entrusted to the care of grandmothers. They will be perfectly spoiled once I return.

I'll be attending a Bible conference and training. I'm vurry excited! God has given me a whole week to immerse myself completely in His precious Word for study and training. Woo Hoo! Can you tell I'm vurry, vurry excited?

Anyway, not wanting to leave the blog idle but not having any computer access the whole week, I've autoposted various entries for the week of different quotes and other complete thoughts I've collected. I hope that you enjoy them. Everyone stay safe and blog to the glory of God.

Teach me, O Lord, the way of that statutes, and I will keep it unto the end. Give me understanding and I will keep thy Law, yea, I will keep it with my whole heart. Direct me in the path of thy commandments for therein is my delight. Psalm 119:33-35


  1. What a treat! Immerse yourself. May God refresh you and be your Teacher.

  2. Enjoy!

    Lisa...repenting of envy...