Friday, July 6, 2007

Have library, seeking books...

to fill library shelves. Especially love stories of adventure and action with Biblical perspective. Expect to joyfully hand down sought after books to three sons who also LOVE books! Inquire at Bibliophile.library/myhouse.

I've never placed a personal ad, but if I were to, it would indeed be for quality, valuable, and wholesomely solid Christian books. So this blog entry gives me two entries into the drawing being held at Biblical Womanhood for the 10 volume set of the Ballantyne Christian Adventure Library.

As my older two sons have become avid readers, the number one challenge is to find really good books that hold their attention but also teach a moral lesson or exemplify a godly character attribute. There is a whole lot of claptrap out there, and the book selection can be a tricky stream to navigate. I do not have time to read every book available before putting it into their hands for their eyes. I depend in great part upon known authors, and as a friend says, nothing written after 1900. (I do allow them to read some things written after 1900 if the first qualification has been met.) However, the premise is true, the written word is powerful (let's hear it from the bloggers) and I pray for wisdom and discernment in what to allow them to read.

When I read about this contest at Carla's, I knew I had to enter. Maybe you want to check it out too.

Here's to the books!


  1. I hope your name gets drawn for the books. Blessings...
    I'll keep my ears open for recommendations for boys. My SIL has homeschooled their 4 sons. 2 are in college and two are highschool age now.

  2. Thank you, Ellen B. I would welcome solid book recommendations from your SIL. Thank you for thinking of me.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my most recent blog post, and I may be sending you the list of "read alouds" that are soon to be offered free to a good home. Good luck in the contest.