Saturday, May 5, 2007

Rock me like a hurricane...

or at least I looked like I'd been through a hurricane once I teased my hair into as big a pouf as possible.  All Valley Girls would have been "totally" proud! 

The 80's party was certainly a hit.  The band was a group called the Mighty McFlys, and they did an awesome job of bringing back the music of the 80's with full Van Halen style, The Cure, Scorpion and even a little bit of Prince thrown in too.  The funniest thing was hearing the band begin a piece and every one would quiet down to listen to a few bars, and then this big roar from the crowd would swell as they recognized the song.

Although I don't post internet pictures, I'll try to give you a visual description of the outfit.  I never did make it to Goodwill so everything had to be pulled from my closet or borrowed from friends.  I wore a denim miniskirt over fishnet stockings with black ballet looking flats.  I had a black tank top tucked into the miniskirt with a hot pink, collar turned up, oversize shirt on top.  The miniskirt was belted with a 6 inch wide black belt.  Scarily enough, about a month ago my parents visited and brought with them my jewelry box from high school.  In it was my original black and hot pink Swatch as well as a black and hot pink braided friendship bracelet.  I put all of that together with hair as big as Texas, and bangs stiffly sprayed as high as they could go. 

See, I've saved your vision by a description rather than an actual picture.  I was a little concerned about having the whole "Pretty Woman" thing down until I actually got to the party and realized that I was on the tamer side.  It was the 80's again--trying to be wild but never quite making it there.  Ho-hum.

The food was great, the silent auction seemed to go very well, and I even scored an original artist pottery piece as a take home item.  All of the money taken in goes to support a local foundation in serving the needs of pediatric oncology patients.  All in all, a fun and flavorful reminiscent evening of a decade--that is now past.  That's all I'm saying about that.

Thank you to all who helped in the decision making process for an outfit.  Your suggestions were hilarious!  I wish that I'd had the time to put together a more complete costume of shoulder pads, leg warmers, and the like.  But then, there's always next year.  Of course, the rumor is that next year, we're doing the 70's.  I'll let you know when the time comes.


  1. Oh no, little lady, you're not getting away with a measly description! WE WANT PICTURES!
    Yep, the whole shebang. The outfit, all of it. And especially a close-up of the hair and make-up.

    No excuses.Get to posting!

  2. Ummm, I remember the 70's even better. Contact me when the time comes! Ha! :-)

  3. Glad it went well... I would've loved to see pics! But your visual was darn good.

  4. Rosemary, this would be yet another reason as to exactly why I didn't allow pictures to be made. No potential blackmail material to follow me through life!

    Connie, I will follow up with you for the 70's event.

    Rachel, thanks.