Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Calling all past youth of the 80's...

I am desperately seeking (not Susan) but your best (and worst) 80's fashion advice for an 80's costume party I'm attending this weekend. 

Let me hear how you dressed in this decade of big belts, big hair, and big bangles debacle.  Remind me as to whether I wear the belt too high, too low or smack dab in the middle.  Encourage me with your sage shoe advice on just which pair should be worn with leggings.  Help me to choose which faux pas should be re-invented, all for the sake of a worthy cause.

It is indeed a Back to the Future scenario where eerily walking through the department stores of today takes me to my 1984 closet of "nothing to wear."   

Seriously blogger friends, if you even had a pinkie toe in an alligator sock during the 80's, pull out the stops in advising for an outfit.  Tomorrow night I'm headed to the Goodwill store for shopping. 

Because if you're only going to wear it for one night of remininscing this decade, then you should definitely not pay more than $3.50 a piece.

Many Valley Girl "like totally awesome" thanks in advance, dudettes.


  1. I was not technically a "youth" in the 80's, however my husband and I did work with the youth in our church--so I got to see the whole thing pass by. Wow! Oh my!

    May I suggest my all-time favorite of "gravity-defying" bangs? You know, the ones that were smothered in gel (or gooo) of some sort, combed STRAIGHT UP, and maybe finished off with a gently or even extreme curl forward. Picture maybe a porch roof gone astray. Or, better yet, picture your favorite Tom & Jerry cartoon where one of many characters ran smack dab into a wall. You get the picture.

    Speaking of "picture", will you be posting one of your transformation? Sounds like fun!

  2. Hey Elle,
    I did survive the fashion of the 80's. I owned a preppy handbook and wore my favorite colors of pink and green. That's about all I remember without looking through photographs to jog my memory. Have fun at your event!

  3. I'll let everyone advise you on clothes and I'll just say -- for me, it was all about THE HAIR. The hair has to be REALLY BIG. You gotta tease it and spray it and tease it and spray it until it stands up at least six inches all by itself. Then accessorize with REALLY BIG EARRINGS and make sure they're plastic and some bright color like fushcia. At that point, it won't matter what you're wearing, it'll be like, totally 80's.

  4. I too came of age in the eighties and my advice to you is to think big: big hair, definitely. Bangs straight up, my friend. Do not forget the big shoulder pads. BIG shoulder pads. Big earrings and big beaded necklaces (which I've noticed is now "back"--shudder!). Purple eyeshadow, and purple eyeliner, both a must. Wear your collar turned up. Pin your jeans tight around your ankle and wear pumps with them. Or, you could tie a bandana around your thigh (or around your forehead). If you could find some twist-a-beads, that would be so totally awesome! As for belts, they are to be worn slung around your hips (also a trend that is back--shudder again!). As another alternative, you could go with legwarmers and parachute pants.

    Can you BELIEVE we WORE this stuff?!!?!!

    Have fun!

  5. favorite era. ;) Layered Izod shirts, collars turned up. White-soled Topsider shoes, no socks. Peg-leg jeans with zippers at the ankles. Long baggy sweaters with a low-slung hip belt. High heeled white pumps with jeans. Spiral-permed hair with bangs teased at least 4" above the scalp and shellacked with Aqua Net. Long bead necklace tied in a knot. Lots of bangle bracelets (jangly metal OR black rubber) on one arm. Swatch watch. Ballerina-flat shoes with little bowses on the toeses. Benetton. The Limited. You must play some Cure, English Beat, and Madonna. Ahh, memories. :)

  6. Big hair, teased bangs and pony-tail to the side - all sprayed with hairspray until it crunches when you touch it and it doesn't move at all when the wind blows. Oh, and neon. Bright pink and green. I remember coming home with skinny black pants, big yellow oversized shirt with black leopard spots worn untucked, black pumps, large black belt over the hips and hair moussed and side-pony-tailed once. My dad took one look at me and said, "Uh-unh, no way." That was it for the 80's faddishness for me. Boy am I glad......

    By the way, I've tagged you over at my blog. Come see!

  7. I came back to suggest the side ponytail; I see someone beat me to it!

    By the way, the white soled topsiders are back too...