Monday, May 14, 2007

My very first Homeschooling...

Convention and Curriculum Fair was a few weekends ago.  The original plan was for my mom-in-law to come and keep the boys so that my husband and I could go A' HUNTING.  The plan was to throw ourselves into the rich resources of 100 plus vendors, convention speakers and seminars.  The idea was to leave there with firm educational plans in place, not to mention a whole bunch of books.  I spent weeks researching, consulting, checking the internet and then typing up a master list, a library resources list, a must have shopping list, and an I'd-like-to-have shopping list.  (Can you tell I like lists?)  Finally the weekend was in sight, the hunting outfit had been decided, power walking crocs were ready, and my Mil called to say that she couldn't come.

Cue the sound of a needle scratching across a record at 78 rpm.

Needless to say, I was bumfoozled and concerned that all of my educational hopes and dreams for my children had just been proverbially flushed.  However, a week of brainstorming turned up the doable solution.  It was decided that my husband would remain with the boys while I would follow some friends to the convention, the mom to ride with me for last minute planning and discussion.  Then with EXPLICIT instructions and the husband's cell phone, I would bravely return home--still with a whole bunch of books.

It wasn't the perfect 1st ever Homeschooling Convention and Curriculum Fair plan that I had envisioned, but it was going to have to work.

I arrived at the convention center like a doe-eyed deer in headlights, lugging my supersized suitcase on wheels behind me, wondering what in the world was I thinking.  Within 10 minutes of arriving though, I ran into a girl from my freshman year in college and my cousin.  Wow!  Thanks God, for that amazing encouragement.

It's really hard to describe all the rest, maybe something like this: the noise, the lights, the books, the vendors, the children, the books, the tables, the signs, the specials, and the books.  It was near nirvana for this girl who'll read anything placed before her.

Plunging in with list in hand, the first vendor had nearly everything on my initial list, except for the back brace that I needed for picking up and carrying all the books.  Dumping the first load into the suitcase, I was ready to go again.  The hunting grew harder at this point because it entailed sorting through box after box of books somewhat grouped together in like era and subject to find exactly the needed title.  But it was SO MUCH FUN!  Whenever I'd find a needed title I'd let out this involuntary yelp of excitement that drew many smiles from all the veteran moms who'd kindly nod at the crazy lady with the big #1 on her nametag that meant 1st year homeschooling.  Truly it was like some kind of amazing scavenger hunt.

Too soon my time was up so that I could hit the road and hopefully, miss the traffic.  I was exceedingly weary, back aching, shoulders sore and feet worn, but OH SO HAPPY to have the suitcase full of amazing and wonderful books for my boys. 

I still have a few items left on the shopping list that weren't available at the fair.  That's okay, because internet shopping for homeschooling curriculum is my next favorite thing to do in this fabulous homeschooling world that has opened up to me.  I praise God for the opportunity and privilege it is to be this involved with my children's education, to be a participant in their learning, and to be a student beside them in learning to view the world from a godly perspective.


  1. I'm sorry you and your husband could not go together, but it is good you still were able to go...I'd love to hear what all you picked up! Ours is this weekend. We can't wait to hear Mark Hamby (Lamplighter Publishing) speak! I have a list of things to look at,too!

    Homeschooling has been a blessing for us as well!


  2. Elle, were you at GHEA? My goodness, I knew I should have checked with you ahead of time. I was there on Friday.

    I'll be at the Southeast Homeschool Expo ( in August, and a vendor friend said she might need me to help work at her booth, so I might be easy to find.