Monday, May 14, 2007

Belated Happy Mother's Day...

to all the fellow moms out there.  I was going to write a post entitled "You know you're a mom when..."  I started the post before I left for my mother's day weekend trip gift, which I'll tell you about later.  However, brain cramp had settled in due to all the packing for aforesaid trip, which I will tell you about later.  So the post didn't get written.

Leave it to the 3 reasons as to why I even know I'm a mother to supply the blog fodder, eh?

You know you're a mother when at 2:42 a.m. the littlest one walks in to tell you that he's thrown up in his bed...

on his pillow...from the top bunk...and yes, it did go through the rails of the top bunk to the floor below...and his brother below him did actually step in it and wipe his foot off on yet another piece of carpet...

But you know you're a mother when you simply get up, wake your husband up (because he needs the reinforcement of knowing that he's a dad)...and clean it up, all while semi-sleeping.

You know you're a mother when rather than changing the sheets, you simply take a sleeping bag out for the throwing up child and place it on the floor, conveniently close to the bathroom.

You know you're a mother when you can then immediately go back to sleep with one ear listening for any more action.

You know you're a mother when nothing else happens in the night, and with great joy you breathe a sigh of relief....and work on the laundry all the next morning.

Happy Mother's Day, belatedly friends, but with great love and appreciation for the effort you put into teaching your children to respect and love God with their lives.  May He secure your efforts by His grace!

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