Saturday, May 12, 2007

For years friends have been...

after me to read The Mitford Series by Jan Karon.  One thing or another seemed to always get in the way or take the time once afforded to sheer leisure reading.  However, the Mitford books have remained in the side pocket of my mind as a must-read literary event.

In the 100 things list, I shared that I regularly shop at Goodwill.  There is nothing quite so invigorating for me as to find a name brand item at a tickle my fancy price.  The other wonderful thing though about our local Goodwill store is the Good Books Cafe that they've opened right next door.  Essentially they've created a separate store solely to handle the donated books.  Plus, the Cafe also serves amazing coffee and treats as well. 

About once a month I try to stop in and browse the Cafe to see what's been added to the mix.  Every single time I find some amazing children's book treasure at $1.99 or less and usually at $.89.  Because I homeschool now, I also look through their educational resources and find great treasures at less than $2.00. The trip is always well worth the gas and time.

But it was recently that I made my biggest score to date.  As I was leaving loaded down with all manner of other great reading for the boys, I glanced up and saw a 3 book boxed set of The Mitford Series (At Home in Mitford, A Light in the Window, and These High, Green Hills).  The set was priced at $4.99!  I could have screamed because I had only just looked at purchasing these books through Amazon for over $30.00.  I think I left a whiff of dust hanging in the air I snatched them down so quickly.

In every spare minute since I've been gobbling these gems down, laughing my head off at the exploits of Father Tim Kavanagh, Barnabas, Dooley Barlowe, Miss Sadie and Cynthia Coppersmith--just to name a few.  I'm fairly sure every other reader in the world has all ready devoured these books, and I'm no book reviewer blogger.  Suffice it to say that I'm immensely thankful for whoever read them and then decided to donate them to Goodwill, thus allowing this reader to so thoroughly enjoy reading them as well--and at a fabulous price.


  1. I bought the first three books at a used bookstore, but they have remained closed on my shelf. Your post has made me want to get them out and read.

  2. I have been meaning to read those books, too. Thanks for the review!