Friday, April 13, 2007

The joy of randomness...

has recently seized me.  I was picked by What's Up, Buttercup? Clemntine to answer 5 questions she composed.  Clemntine's blog has become one of my favorite stops because her authentic, straightforward and hilarious style of writing is to me the crux of blogging.  She's the type of blogger who inspired me to start writing.  It's a treat to answer her 5 random questions. 

Here they are:

1) What did you say "MY child will NEVER......" about that one or more of your kids have done?
In the interest of keeping this post within 12,000 words, the short answer would be he will NEVER watch Barney, NEVER pee on trees outside in the yard, and NEVER be homeschooled.  Must I keep going? The humiliation is mounting.

2) Describe how and when you knew that your husband was THE ONE.
Yes, this is the fun one, isn't it?  I met my husband when I was a freshman and he was a junior at college.  I was a little sister for his fraternity.  I was full of MySelf.  I went to a frat party with my roommate.  When we walked in, he was sitting across the room, and I said, "Who is that?"  My roommate said, "Well, if he's here, he's probably with the fraternity, and you can ask him for his signature."  One of the rites of being a little sister.  I did get his signature and was immediately betooken with him.  He wanted NOTHING to do with me.  For a year, I nursed this insane crush on him.  I stalked him at frat parties and in the dining hall and even around campus.  Did I mention he wanted NOTHING to do with me?  At one party, I finally managed to wangle a dance, and afterwards he said, "Thank you," and walked off.  I strutted over to two friends and gushed, "I just danced with the man I'm going to marry."  They SNORTED and said, "He will NEVER have anything to do with you!"

A year later, after some huge spiritual pummeling, humbling, and sanctifying in my life by the grace of God, I actually became friends with my husband through a large connected group of friends.  His roommate dated my roommate for awhile, which threw us together on some events.  But it was the car crash that solidified interest.  I asked him to help me take my car for repairs and then drive me back to school.  On our way back, we were in a crash that totaled his car.  Neither of us were seriously hurt, just shaken.  He asked me out a month later.  On our second date, he told me we were going to get married.  I said, "Okay."  Here we are 17 years later having SOMETHING to do with each other!

3) Tell the story of the best surprise you ever got.
Four years ago, my husband decided to leave his job and start his own company.  It was a real step of faith for us.  Not only did it mean great financial cutbacks, but also lifestyle change regarding the time he could spend at home. 

That Christmas there was one present under the tree for me.  I had no idea what it was.  It was a beautiful strand of real pearls.  He told me that even though some people would not have considered his purchase of the pearls a financially wise decision, what with just starting the company; he wanted me to know that I was a treasure to him before any company.  He wanted me to wear them and know that he had no regrets for having spent the money.  That was a special Christmas surprise.

4) Who was the best teacher you ever had?  Mrs. Skinner, 7th grade.  She taught me how to diagram sentences, and to love doing it because it displayed the power of putting together a sentence.  She taught me to think logically by requiring a brain teaser or logic puzzle be completed every day.  She taught me to look below the surface, between the lines, and outside of the box to find an answer, but to never simply concoct a convenient truth for an answer.

Spiritually, the best teacher(s) I've ever had are the two pastors (one past, one present) and one woman(past) who require(d) me to study the Bible, learning sound doctrine, verse context, Scripture interpreting Scripture, original word meanings, and historical context in the whole counsel of God.

5) If you could give one piece of advice and know for sure that it would be taken, what would it be?  Glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  Or maybe I'd say it this way: Fear the Lord, love mercy, walk humbly.  The only way to give ONE piece of advice is to give the Bible with the instructions "Tolle Lege".....Take up and read!

Thanks Clemntine, for the sweet walk down memory lane in answering these questions, and the challenge to remember the lessons taught.

Leave me a comment, and I'll write 5 questions for you.


  1. Nicely done, Elle. I loved your answers.

    Thank you for the encouraging words.

  2. Love your story on the pearls that is the sweetest thing!

    I also love the account of how you met your husband. I knew my husband for a while before we ever dated and all the "girls" were ga ga over him...even though we WERE all grown women. When my husband passed away, he took an interest in me and I in him....I felt like I got the was so funny and grown women were actually jealous. I'd have traded places with them anyday and not gone through what I went through!

  3. I love your answers - and those questions are certainly thought provoking for me! We've actually managed to avoid Barney entirely, but I blush to think of all the 'nevers' my children have so quickly broken! God certainly has a sense of humor! I love your THE ONE story - what an amazing beginning for a lifelong marriage relationship! God is good!

  4. This was great--thanks for sharing!