Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's a weird wall to break...

through--the wall of the 100th post. 

However, a certain disclaimer is necessary because this is not technically my 100th post.  When I moved from Blogger to Typepad, I had all ready written some 60 plus posts, give or take a post.  However, with the move and all, I thought I'd take the whole "new broom sweeps clean" mentality, and just start the count over.  Mostly because the posting at Blogger was definitely sporadic.

I always had to search around to know what number of post I was on at Blogger.  The Typepad post manager clearly tells you the number of posts.  Since being here, I've watched the number climb to the big 1-0-0. 

Another disclaimer would be that while the number says 100 posts, that number refers to posts written.  100 posts have not been published.  Mostly because I have an editorial board that doesn't always sign off on every post, so the posts that don't pass, for various reasons, sit in the listing with the little draft symbol marking their demise.

I've seen lots of bloggers ride the 100th post bandwagon of "100 things about me."  I certainly enjoy reading other's posts like that because in the blog world where anyone can be anyone, that type of post certainly puts a bit of flesh and dimensionality to a flat avatar.  Of course, even in the 100 things, anyone can still be anyone.  Plus, I'd like to keep the 100 things on the line between full disclosure (citing privacy, discretion, don't show too much flesh yada, yada) and drivel (are you really interested that when I was 6, I rode on an elephant?)

All that to be said, I'm working on the 100 things.  It won't be posted at the number 100 because while I can ride some bandwagons, I'm not able to ride that one.  And of course, I have to now place 100 things before the editorial board. 

Here's to scaling the 100th post wall!


  1. Congratulations, and keep on writing! I love reading your complete thoughts.

    And about that elephant - yes, that kind of thing is interesting to me!!

    But I understand your desire to keep some things to yourself. I suffer from TMI at my blog, I think. I just have this need to I run things by my editorial board, too. But he usually says something like, "It's your blog, do what you want." I hate that nagging feeling after hitting publish that I've shared more than I probably should have. You'd think after we get to 100 posts that the publish button wouldn't still be scary, wouldn't you?

    I'm glad you're blogging, my friend!

  2. Yep... that publish button is still scary. Looking forward to reading your 100 things.

  3. Glad you kept writing, Elle. And I look forward to reading your list.

  4. Congratulations! Keep on blogging forward; I for one am blessed by your presence here in the blog world!

  5. Oh, I love this blog!! I've just forwarded the link on to all my blog obsessed friends;) Keep writing it all down!