Monday, April 9, 2007

A thinking blog award...

ending up over here at A Complete Thought is not the thought I had when I first started this experiment back on May 25, 2006 at Blogger.  In fact, here's my first entry:

I've thought about this, and wondered if I could actually keep it up. I've considered the pros and cons, and have still remained interested. I've dreamed that maybe, just maybe, this would be an outlet to compose complete thoughts and examine ideas and then just be able to write it all down.

So I suppose it's appropriate that in the midst of trying to write my first entry, my first complete thought, that I would be in the computer room (a corner of the laundry room) with two of the three future greats asking me questions (10 at the last count) and the great man asking me about the sewing kit so he can sew on future great #1's patch because I don't sew, which all together is it's own future bloggable complete thought, but where was I? Oh yes, it only seems appropriate that in the midst of all this, I'd wonder what am I fixing for supper (and I'm not kidding, they just all asked me what we're having), that my first complete thought would certainly not be a comprehensible one to the average reader unless of course you also think in run on sentences.

Maybe I should change the title...

And it was after some major stuttering starts and stalling stops that eventually A Complete Thought began to take shape.  I started the blog as an outlet for the rumblings of thought that rambled around in my head.  I have grown to love blogging as an outlet for the rumblings of thought that ramble around in my head. 

However, a more significant purpose has come from my theology--my relationship to God--that to think and write the essentials of saving faith in God is essential.  The text is Sola Scriptura--the rule for all of faith, life and practice.  The object is Solus Christus--His Work and Person.  The reason is Sola Gratia--His Grace condescends to save.  The means is Sola Fide--His Gift that I must choose to receive.  The goal is Soli Deo Gloria--because He alone is Worthy to be praised.

So my thanks to those who awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award.  I pray that the thinking was done unto Him, His Word, His attributes, His gifts, and His covenantal promises.  While not every post I write is categorized "Grace & Faith," I desire that every post would be informed by Grace & Faith. When not, may my conscience convict me to repent and be restored. (1 Jn 1:8-9, 1 Pet 3:15-16)

I believe the next step is for me to nominate another five blogs that make me think.  Truth be told, every blog I read makes me think in some respect.  I've always considered blogging to be its own unique conversation of sorts.  The first part is reading what another blogger says.  The second part is my response which is always in thought, but sometimes I respond in the comments.  Occasionally after some rambling around in my head, I'll write a post from the thoughts the first post sparked. 

Here are two blogs, that to my knowledge, have not been previously tagged, but do thoroughly represent thoughtful posting.  However, seeing that I tend to be on the latter end of the news spectrum, I trust that you may have all ready found these and are enjoying their thoughtfulness.

The Blakeyblog is written by a young mom having not only an adorable son but also an abiding respect for the Word of God and how Scripture informs her life. 

Deo Volente is another blog I've only recently begun to really dig into.  I appreciate her blogging about "Biblical womanhood as well as the application of Biblical theology..." 

May you enjoy the reading, may you spend time in the thinking, but may all be done to the Glory of God!


  1. Thank you Elle,
    Thank you. I am honored. I look forward to reading your site.

    Press on dear sister in HIS truth and HIS love for HIS glory,

  2. You definitely deserve the Thinking Blogger Award. And I LOVE your first post! Sounds very similar to my entire life.

  3. You are most definitely one of my favorite thinkers! LOVED the flashback post...sounds like my life in a nutshell! Do you grow weary, as I most definitely do, of the constant "what are we having for supper" question? I usually end up saying, with some degree of exasperation I might add, "Is it not enough that we WILL have supper? In your whole life have I ever not made sure you had supper?!?" Of course, part of my frustration is due to the fact that when I do tell them what's on the menu, I generally receive a look of disgust or a laundry list of what they don't like about what we're having. Guess they haven't learned we can't have cereal or pizza EVERY night! :-)

  4. I'm glad you posted at my blog, because I always forget how to get to yours. Now I won't forget. I definitely identified with your first post, it sounds a bit like me and my younger daughter. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the days to come.

  5. Elle, thank you, I am honored! I am encouraged by your thoughtful writing too. I hope that you have a blessed weekend!