Monday, February 19, 2007

Nicknames for the children....

is something I see all over mommy blogs.  Personally, I think it's a good idea as related to safety precautions where internet weirdos exist.  I don't post pictures of my children because I don't know how to post pictures. 

Actually, their daddy, the great man, insists that I not post pictures of his children on the blog.  I'm certainly going to respect his request on this issue.  That, and I don't know how to post pictures of his children. 

Of course, if I learn how to post pictures of my children--nah! still won't do it! 

Anyway, the point I started with was nicknames for my children on this blog, because I don't intend to use their real names.  Initially I decided to call them the future greats because I desire for them to be great in God's kingdom--to be assets for the cause of Christ and not liabilities. 

While I still desire that, the typing of which future great, numero uno, dos, or tres, has done what has become onerous in its camouflage.  What to do?  So I'm thinking of nicknames.  Cute nicknames, because until they're old enough to require explicit privacy regarding their exploits, I want blogland to know they're the apple, banana, and orange of my eyes.

I've thought of the initial thing.  D. (a pseudoinitial) did such and such.  But since in real life I'm apt to run through the entire list of names in this house while trying to identify the one, "Nick, Mark, Steve, Blue & Raisin" (even the cats are suspect), I'm afraid I'd type that way too--"A. B. C. D. E. & F."

So here's what I'm going to do.  Let's call future great uno "Chess" because he's good at strategy.   Let's call future great dos "Pele" because he's good at soccer.  And let's call future great tres "Chairman" because he sincerely believes he's in charge.

I'm going to have to bookmark this post so that I remember what I've named them.

Chess, Pele and Chairman.  Future greats, by God's grace.


  1. I started with nicknames and even friends and family got totally confused since there are so many kids! Now I mostly say things like "my 15-year-old son said..."

  2. For me it's easy...I just use boyo since I only have the one. :)

    Though I must admit, I really don't worry too much about internet weirdos. I really don't. Maybe I should, but my hubbie doesn't either so ... ah well. God is in control of all things anywho. :)

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