Monday, February 19, 2007

From the mouths of babes...

can come all sorts of truth.

Chairman, my youngest, learned to talk at an early age.  Complete paragraphs of language poured from this child before he was two.  I remember thinking then that I was in trouble.

Because he was so verbal, sibling rivalry with his two older brothers seemed to start earlier than usual.  Or maybe, I was just particularly sensitive to the debates in the back of the minivan.

When disciplining the boys, I've tried to establish with them that God has instituted a chain of authority for the family.  God's in charge.  Next Daddy is in charge.  Then Mom is in charge. 

Hence the ensuing debate one day.

Pele and Chess were discussing something they wished to do.  Chairman piped in from his car seat that they couldn't do that. 

Quickly Chess responded with, "Uh-hunh, yes we can because you're not in charge.  Mom's in charge!"

Chairman, never one to give up the last word without a fight said, "Unh-unh, God's in charge."

At the age of two, his response was to appeal to the highest authority he understood.  May it always be his response, and that of his brothers, to appeal to the highest authority, God Almighty, for establishing truth.

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  1. It always warms my heart when my children spout of a spiritual truth that we have tried to ingrain in them. When we discipline our children we try to make sure they understand that disobedience to mom and dad is disobedience to God and therefor displeases God. We talk about the 10 commandments around here alot and Proverbs. My 9 year old explained to a peer the other day that she obeys her mom because its one of the 10 commandments and because she wants to please God. I made sure to thank God many times that day, for her tender learning heart. :)