Friday, February 2, 2007


I've always wanted to say I was in the importing and exporting business.  It sounds so James Bondish.  However, when the importing and exporting have nothing to do with cool clothes, funky jewelry or great furniture, but everything to do with html and blog posts and comments.  And when the importer/exporter is insanely slow and completely a novice in regards to which button to hit when and "what just happened" escapes her mouth many times, then it's just not so James Bondish anymore.  It's just tedium and craziness about to deport me to the rubber room for incompetent bloggers.

This is not the cheery Welcome to A Complete Thought, version II post that I wanted to write.  I am thrilled that you're visiting over here, but I'm really distressed that I can't seem to get all the posts over and especially the comments.  I was only beginning to receive comments, and I don't want anyone to think I deleted their comment.  Jules tells me that's worthy of a public flogging. *sigh*

So, please bear with this blogging novice who really is trying to get things moved over here.  I hope you like the site.  Everyday Design is the genius of blog design.  I love it!  I told Jules that everytime I open the site, I want to eat a Hershey Bar.  Now that's positive reinforcement for blogging!  I'll post more later on how the design came about.

In the meantime, if you can't find what you're looking for here, I just haven't moved everything yet.  Imagine if you will it's still in a box somewhere.  I need the spatula and I can only find the yard equipment sort of dilemma. 

Back to the importing...exporting...chortling....snorting....


  1. I just found your new site by way of that jewelry contest we both entered. I've been contemplating a move, just haven't decided between WordPress and TypePad. I can try to move my own comments?

  2. I love the new look!! Jules has a way of capturing just the right feel doesn't she? I'm with you on the novice thing. I have to keep it pretty simple.