Saturday, February 3, 2007

Friday was a long day...

of meetings, errands, appointments and questions--the never-ending questions of three bright, inquisitive, dah-ling sons.  I was very thankful for how they hung in throughout the long day, both being helpful and funny, granting humor of all sorts to a tired mom.

By the time we made it to the grocery store, though, patience was thin because legs, arms, and heads were weary.  Every mom knows that if she so chooses to take children to a grocery store, then inevitably she invites the following question, "Mom, can we have....?"  The fill in the blank usually comprises some item loaded with high fructose corn syrup or animated characters of neon persuasion.

My only defense to the question is this statement, "If your question starts with 'Mom, can we have,' the answer is no."  The trip through the aisles is therefore punctuated with the aforesaid interchange.  On aisle 15, chips and snacks; on aisle 9, cereal; on aisle 5, cookies and crackers; and on aisle 3, ice cream, this sweet interchange of a conversation occurred.  I confess that my "sweetness" in answering became slightly more tart as the trip progressed.

Finally, we make it to produce and I think that certainly they will not ask for anything here--it's all vegetables and I've all ready put in the favorite fruits, right?

Enter youngest: "Mom, can we have..." 

Me: "If your question starts with 'Mom, can we have,' the answer is no."

Youngest (without skipping a beat): "Mom, DO we need bananas?"

Me (laugh out loud because I know when I'm beaten): "Yes, we DO need bananas!" ~Sigh~

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