Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My sweaters are bored....

Because they have barely been let out of the house this year. With our temperatures in the mid 70's pretty often this "winter" the idea that it is winter is not being realized in the current dress code.

We had to turn the AC on the past two days! Ugh.

One time I read that God's people should not even complain about the weather because it was a complaint against His providence. I confess to regularly failing in this area. I grew up in NC where four seasons was a highlighted event.

Although I do remember one exceptional year where I wore shorts on Christmas Day and it snowed on Easter. Whatever.

Four seasons was what, is what, I have always loved. That clear demarcation from fall to winter to spring to summer. And back again.

Middle Georgia does not have a respect or affinity for four seasons it seems. Mild winters are rejoiced in around here. It is hard for me to join that party because of things like all the pests not dying off, of flowers and trees prematurely blooming only to be killed by an aberrant freeze, of a closet that never really experiences a turnover of being worn, and of allergies that work year round.

I confess covetousness of crackling fires and hot chocolate and yes, even snow. The four letter word of the South. I like fluffy sweaters, scratchy wool, and getting to wear gloves.

But those things are not my lot. Not here, not this "winter." So I will try not to complain against the providence of God in one, putting me here, and two, ordaining these temps. But I will hope for a season that lives up to its name.


  1. I'm guilty of grumbling about the weather, too. I love snow & cold weather, but 4 seasons are becoming a rare thing in southeast Virginia. We had our A/C on one day this week. Praise God the temps have dropped drastically in the last 2 days, and it looks like we may actually have a cold spell.

  2. Now that's a twist. A/C in January. I grew up with pretty much one season in southern California and I have to say it's been nice having 4 more distinct seasons in Washington, as long as we get a decent summer...just saying, not complaining.