Thursday, January 17, 2013

I stopped blogging....

back in June after attending The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference. I had gone to a workshop that was directed at women interested in blogging, writing, possibly even being published. I have thought about that before. It is nearly impossible for any of us who like to think through our fingertips to not at least think about publication.

But the workshop gave me the best gift. It convinced me that while writing is enjoyable for me, it is not my passion. I do not wake up needing to write nor do I go to sleep thinking about what to write. I started blogging to finish some thoughts. But not every thought needs a finish I've discovered. Sometimes a thought just needs to be a thought and find no public outlet.

That was such a release for me from thinking that I needed to increase my blogging and get out there and develop readership and submit proposals and, and, and......

So I stopped blogging.

The break has been good and necessary. The time to think and process without the pressure to press "publish" has been a mental spa.

Why am I blogging again? Because there is no pressure to blog at all.

Sometimes motivation to do and contentment at not doing come in the same package. Aaaaah.

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