Monday, June 25, 2012

TGCW12 was....

really, truly, simply, overwhelmingly wonderful. And that's just using a few of the adverbs I'd love to spew in description of the weekend. My brain is overflowingly full. If you poke me, doctrine and theology and Here is Our God quotes will leak out in squeaks, gasps, spurts, and sighs.

Several of the speakers I have read or heard via internet. But there is a whole new dimension to sitting in an audience under a megascreen view of the speaker, so close I could pick their noses, and receiving the teaching of God's Word in real time excitement.

These speakers, Piper, Carson, Keller, DeMoss, Nielson, Brown, Sandom, Salt, all big names, all absolutely human and all passionate that the crowd's adoration would not be for them as persons but for Him, for God as a Personal Lord and Savior. That theme was clear as they demonstrated clear, convicting, accurate Biblical exposition on texts ranging from Psalm 40 to Revelation 21-22, from 1 Kings 18 to 2 Corinthians 12.

I feel as though I attended a fast track seminary of three days. And I haven't even mentioned the workshops I attended. Yet. Those were hour long talks where the above speakers and others more closely focused on a topic.

I went to Nancy Guthrie's workshop on Word-Based Ministry to Women. Her key question to a room full of Bible study teachers and leaders and women who want to be teachers and leaders was, "What is going to be the distinctive of your ministry to women?" She spent the hour in Heb. 4:12-13 explaining the 5 marks of a Word-centered ministry to women.

Sheer meat. A veritable feast. I want to go through my notes and put them in a cohesive blog post.

But I must wash some underwear and towels around here. Re-entry after a vacation is tough. Re-entry after a trip to the mountaintop is tough times the number of laundry loads and grocery items that must be purchased to feed the people that didn't go to the mountaintop with you but still need the benefit of what you received while there.

Off to do life. Blogging later.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time!!! I am overdue for a weekend like that.