Monday, June 18, 2012

My big guys are headed off....

to the mountains for Church Camp. When I was in youth group, our church camp was at the beach. I prefer the mountains. Wish I was in youth this week.

Not really, but almost.

These two, Chess and Pele, have been to overnight camp before with the Boy Scouts. This will be a whole different experience. I have mixed feelings and thoughts about youth group. My experiences were less than stellar and definitely gave me enough reason as a parent to put the kiebosh on the the whole thing for these guys.

In truth, we kept our boys out of the typical youth experience for some time, longer than most. It has only been this last year that we decided to allow them to participate in a Wednesday night activity and then also the Sunday morning class. We are not carrying the keys to a helicopter regarding our boys, but we do believe that we, and not a youth pastor and his interns, are responsible for the Christian training of our sons. So we stay involved by asking questions, observing the interactions, and following up where necessary whether with our sons or their teachers.

Then, of course, the new youth pastor, moved in with us this past November. He was waiting for his house to sell in S.C. where his wife and children were still living. We had a spare room and separate entrance so we offered them to him. Getting to know him and his philosophy of working with youth and their special quirks has been helpful in understanding and trusting our sons' involvement with the youth group.

When this opportunity for them to go to camp came up, we were grateful for the Lord's provision for them to attend. Now everything is packed from deodorant to toothpaste and shorts to bathing suits and towels to sleeping bags. I hope they come back with the majority of their things.

But mostly I am praying that this week is one of them learning more about themselves and the Lord in their lives as their King and Savior. That they will grow in their trust and assurance of the gospel for their daily lives. That they will be a blessing to those around them. That they will have fun, laugh, and maybe even dance at the costume party at week's end.

To the mountains they go, but may they return with more than just having had a mountaintop experience.

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