Monday, April 2, 2012

Brain dump, status report, part one.....

because if I don't blog this now, I will not remember it for later.

Two weeks ago I was preparing for ten days out of town. First, we were attending a Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, S.C. Second, a friend and her two daughters, also attending the GHC, was then to meet me at my mother-in-law's house to pack up and drive to Washington, D.C. We were calling ourselves Two Moms, Five Kids. Until we realized that in D.C. that might sound like a glorification of an alternative lifestyle so we amended with 'Two Moms, Five Kids, and we left the Husbands at home.'

My brain was literally split between three significant areas. The first one being the life and times that still had to be completed before I drove out of town, the life and times at the convention, and the life and times that would exist in D.C. It was truly an eat one bite at a time of the elephant experience.

Compounding the good times was that the superabundant, never before seen, highest levels of pollen ever, event was taking its toll on my allergies and asthma. I realized everyone else around me was breathing much easier because I had become the human filter, sucking up all of the pollen. Gasping, watering eyes, wheezing, sneezing, choking, coughing, and hacking were the seven dwarves of allergy season abiding within my one person.

By Thursday night, at the convention, I was running a fever as the pollen giants had set up residence within my chest, naming their own convention Greater Bronchitis in Greenville. But we pushed on. Because my children need educating and I needed refreshing at the workshops and seminars of the greats in parenting and home education. I heard Carol Barnier, Dr. Kathy Koch, Steve Demme (whom my youngest son with stars in his eyes met, shook hands, and received an autographed biography), Dr. Carl Jobe, Dr. Jay Wile, Diana Waring, Dr. John Rosemond, Mark Hamby, and Adam Andrews.

Inspiration, encouragement, and affirmation for the love of home education abounded, and bronchitis or not, I was grateful to be there. Husband and I, plus the three boys, all took away a great many new things for learning, considering, and doing in this life learning journey.

Ideally, I'd like to run back through my notes and blog some of the things that I learned in my workshops. Realistically, we'll see what happens. The elephant has not been entirely consumed. Yet.

So ends part one of the status report brain dumping edition.


  1. Oh good. I'm glad you made it back in one piece.

  2. Epic pollen here too! Hopefully the worst has come and gone...

    I'm liking the brain dumping edition of status reporting! Feel better, friend!

  3. Pollen is horrible; you have my deep sympathies. I grimaced as I read of its effect on you---poor Elle. Hope you feel better very soon!