Monday, January 9, 2012

This weekend turned into...

another project event for poor Husband. The garage door opener broke on the right side. Virtually imploded into shreds because the plastic gears ground themselves into smithereens is the more technical description.

Of course we discovered this fact as we were trying to open the garage door to go to church on Sunday morning. So while in Sunday clothes, Husband is manhandling the door up so we can go out and down so we can come back to an unburgled home. Good times.

After lunch he headed over to Lowe$ to purchase the new unit. Lowe$ is kind of like the Man's Wal-Park. And Sunday afternoon seems to be a big day for wandering around purchasing stuff to do household projects at some time future. Or not. I've come to call the store The Vortex. Because Husband will go in, but I'm never sure until I see him again that he has successfully pulled free from the tractor beam.

Once he did get home with the supplies a marathon of disassembly and re-assembly began. The original door assembly was not square which probably contributed to the opener's gears grinding themselves into oblivion. We've had trouble with the door over the years from the spring popping off and nearly taking a head with it to a man-child backing into the door with a lawnmower during yard work training and bending it. Considering the scope of yesterday's project, those fixes were minor.

Yesterday was the day to fix all of it. To start nearly from scratch. And six hours later the doors were square, the sensors were replaced, the track was re-aligned, the new opener installed, and a new keypad placed on the outside so I can get into the house when I lock myself out. Hypothetically, of course.

It's not Thankful Thursday yet, but I'm entering this post as an early installment to my gratitude for having a handy Husband who spared me from a Manic Monday.


  1. A handy husband is a blessing from the Lord for sure!!

  2. I agree! It is wonderful not to have to call the repairman for everything!