Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our sermon today...

was on the second part of Mt. 6:19-34. Last week the discussion sparked at our house centered on recognizing what our treasure is and on what our hearts reside.

This week the sermon sparked our discussion on what it means to truly follow the Lord's command to not worry about tomorrow. The small thought is to think only literally of tomorrow. Some deny the realities of tomorrow with procrastination at best or abdication of the right use of God-given means at worst--as in refusing diligence of planning, choosing laziness and sloth, or expecting others to give you what you think you deserve by sheer unwillingness to obey His instructions.

While those actions garner more outright censure, our conversation turned to the more subtle threat of false securities. Many will claim to not worry for tomorrow because in the back of their minds, their storehouses are quite full already. Sure it is easy to not worry, or at least say that you don't worry, when you know, or you think you know, that your plans are secure, your barns are full, and your income stream is abundant. 

In today's economy, and truthfully in any economy no matter which era you pick, no one has ever truly had that luxury. Thought many have chosen that path. Our choosing faith in ourselves is an action of worrying about tomorrow. Choosing faith in God's will for us no matter what Providence may result is not worrying about tomorrow. And that is harder for sure.

Recognizing our worry habits, whether subtle or overt, is convicting and humbling. He calls us to depend on Him and Him alone. In all things. For even when the job is secure and the retirement fund is flush and the promotion is in the bag, there is always tomorrow which promises to be full of enough trouble.

Only He promises to be enough no matter the trouble.

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  1. Worry: a constant battle for me. Falling on His promise is the only remedy. Every moment, every day.