Friday, September 2, 2011

Generations of men...

have used the "man chair" in the ladies' clothing department. I remember my Granddaddy sitting while Mimi shopped. I was allowed in the dressing room with her so I could give my elementary opinions. Granddaddy's role was to quietly nod at her choices and hold the packages.

My dad treated the "man chair" as a place to catch a short nap. With a wife and two daughters, he knew the dressing room had better supply a bathroom as well because it could be days before we were all out of there.

Husband even utilizes the "man chair" on the occasional shopping trip he takes with me. I value his opinion and he gives it anyway. We once heard a comedian describe the difference between men and women in shopping as a man hunting and a woman creating relationship. It still brings a chuckle.

My sons have also been introduced to the "man chair" on their shopping trips with me. Hardly a mom likes to tackle that event but homeschooling means the guys are with you. When they were little, it was where they practiced their sit time. Now that they're older, it's preparation for my future daughter-in-laws.

Today though, the tables were turned. I went to Game Stop with all three of the guys. My young man-tourage. Chess had a gift card from his July birthday that needed spending. The other two were toting yard work/landscaping cash as well.

But there was no "mom chair." I think Game Stop executives ought to correct that. As it was I gave the boys a time limit so that we didn't spend their graduation in there. But I might have been persuaded to choose a longer time limit if a cushy "mom chair" had been present. With a small table and some magazines. And a Starbucks.

I'm just saying.

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