Saturday, September 3, 2011

Food traditions...

have taken hold of my man children. They hear love when I stick to the schedule for our food favorites and traditions. All of which revolve around our weekends.

Thursday morning: Cereal. Every other morning is a cooked breakfast. A breakfast I don't have to cook is the price reward of sleep in Thursday.

Friday night: Homemade pizza. One pepperoni and one cheese. Sometimes with a salad on the side.

Saturday morning: Dad makes bacon, eggs and biscuits or waffles. Anything else happening means we had an early soccer morning and will make a breakfast run on our way to the field.

Sunday morning: Cinnamon rolls with eggs. Sometimes bacon if everyone is up and on time.

Sunday night: cereal and popcorn. Not at the same time but within the evening.

Over the years a menu plan has been both a gift and a curse during the week. I try to stick to some sort of stability because otherwise the days are crazy, appetites are shallow and attitudes become insipid. The weekend with its relief from the weekly demands unwittingly birthed a menu that makes us all a bit relaxed.

Tuesday may not know what is going to hits its plate but Friday, Saturday and Sunday live in peace.  Which means so do I.

What weekly food traditions does your family have?

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