Thursday, July 7, 2011

Um, did I miss June....

because I think I'm missing July.

Sheesh. The last month, as in a literal four weeks, has been mostly lived out of one suitcase or another. That's not a complaint. I love traveling.

It is the re-entry into "real" life of which I am none too fond.

However. Back to the things we have enjoyed this summer so far:

1. Trip to Alabama to be with the Vitafam of Vitafamiliae. This happened previous to the last four weeks but I am marking it as my kick off to the summer. We loved on those amazing people and knew ourselves blessed.

2. Trip to Charleston for a wedding. Which actually happened before #1 but I have just decided that order doesn't matter today. So be it.

3. Trip to the beach with friends. A long glorious week of sand, surf, sand, sun, sand, seafood and did I mention sand?

4. Trip to the mountains with family. A long weekend of coolness. Almost twenty degrees cooler than my present location coolness. Utterly cool that was.

And now we are home. For a bit. A bit enough for me to put the suitcases away and plan meals and lounge by the pool and do the stuff that summer brings. I guess the staycation part of summer vacation has now begun.

So be it. We are blessed.


  1. We are indulging in a stay-cation ourselves this year. Dolce far niente!

  2. All your trips sound wonderful, as does the staycation! We'll be taking a short trip beachside ourselves in a couple of weeks; looking forward to it!