Monday, July 11, 2011

If you give a mom a....

Saturday morning off to go to Staples to buy back to school supplies, she will go there and find out that the super ad doesn't start until Sunday.

So she will prowl around the store making notes on what she will buy once the ad starts.

Since she is on that side of town anyway, she'll browse Ross and Old Navy and still not find anything at all.

Determined to redeem the Saturday off because she has birthday money to spend and her mom with her for shopping, she will head to her next choice of stores she has heard is having a sale.

Shopping without results only makes her hungry so she will eat out and order the biggest glass of ice tea available because frankly it is 112 degrees walking across parking lots.

Now re-energized with food and drink, she will head into the next store and tell her mom she is looking for black sandals but will spend time only looking at the super cute Yellow Box sandals and end up buying two pairs for the price of one.

Undeterred and having forgotten the black sandals, she will next find a maxi dress in the juniors' department after trying on half a dozen options. But hey, the juniors dept? She hasn't shopped there in years, even a decade, and she will feel quite nostalgic.

At which point Husband will call and ask, "I thought you were going to Staples?" and her nostalgia about shopping in the juniors department will dissipate into remembering that supper must still be planned.

She will hurriedly run into two more stores, towing her mom behind because having a Saturday off comes rarely. Both she and her mom will find great deals using coupons and gift cards and birthday money.

Exhausted and quite hot again, this mom and her mom will return home with packages in tow but nary a back to school supply because remember, the super ad doesn't start until Sunday.


  1. I am familiar with this version of shopping.

  2. It's like "stream of consciousness" shopping.