Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh shoot, I still have a blog...

sometimes when you haven't written in an eon, you hope that perhaps a fabulous ghost writer has hacked into your dashboard and startled the world with her written words.

Not happening. Still me. No startling at all.

There are, I'm sure, great reasons for not writing. But writing about those would bore me more than you. Ugh. This is life. Seasons in and seasons out and not all seasons allow you words for a blog.

Here is what I can say: we are well, hot, active, learning, growing, tan, enjoying friends, grateful and alive. That list is not prioritized, just there.

I can also tell you about the books I've thrown myself into this summer. My latest great read has been The Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy. LOVED IT! (Yes, it deserved the all caps.) I've also read the Chronicles of the Kings series by Lynn Austin. Having studied Isaiah this past year, it was an interesting set of historical fiction to read through with post-Isaiah thoughts.

The beach found me working through Richard Sibbes' Josiah's Reformation, Elyse Fitzpatrick's Give Them Grace and even a James Patterson novel. Our history curriculum has us in Landing of the Pilgrims; Traitor: Benedict Arnold; Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison and Amos Fortune: Free Man.

My nightstand holds the first two Harry Potter books and Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell. One of the boys wants to read the HP books so the agreement is I read through them first so we can discuss them. My Kindle app is full of P.G. Wodehouse favorites, which I always run to for my dose of Brit lit, and The Praying Life by Paul Miller. I also zipped through a Southern chick book titled This Fine Life: A Novel.

Essentially, I'm all over the place these days in reading and living. Busyness though is not always conducive to contentment so remembering to take time every day for thinking through the eternal things of life has had me working through Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament by Nancy Guthrie.

Summer reading. Good stuff. Takes time from blogging. So be it.


  1. What makes The Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy so good?

  2. I've only read the first of the Benedict books but I liked it, a lot! I'm thinking through my beach-reading-preparatory amazon order and may have to add the next in the series.

    Hey, it's still me at my blog too. Not startling at all and not even posting with any degree of regularity, so I really like this: "not all seasons allow you words for a blog." Yes and amen. So be it! :)

  3. Good to "see" you! You're not alone in the sparse posting. Seasons.

    Thanks for all the book referrals! PinkGirl read all the Percy Jackson books and is INSISTING that I read them too, so that's the fiction on my nightstand. I'm in the middle of too many non-fiction books to even begin to list them. As usual!