Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A friend drove through....

this week on her way to a wedding in Savannah. We got to be the lunch rest stop. Egg salad on a romaine and spinach bed fit the accompanying conversation of catching up with life. She's a friend who lives hundreds of miles away but our conversations do not bear any lag at all. Whether it's four days or two months between talks, I know her hearing me is about her "getting" me.

To know that someone"gets"me has been on my mind lately. I wasn't the queen bee at school but neither was I the head geek. I wasn't the peppy cheerleader nor was I the girl jock. I think in some manner I have nearly always lived on the outside.

I said as much to someone the other day and she chided that our perception is not always reality. Check. But I told her I didn't need a sermon, I wanted her ears. Perception may not always be reality, but perception can become a reality. Reality that defines and shapes and forms action. Nearly every action we take is either directly or indirectly related to perception.

Making it all the more necessary that our perception have true filters. Good friends, with whom there is no lag in conversation, with whom we tell and show ourselves in true reciprocity, with whom we can trust to "get" us, are such filters. She will jump in to point me to His word and encouragement; she does not hesitate to challenge my thinking; and she prays unceasingly when asked.

It really was the best egg salad ever. Perception and reality.

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  1. I love these kind of friends. Tried and True...