Monday, May 9, 2011

Sometimes writer's block...

must be conquered by writing. Stream of consciousness if need be. Hold on to your coffee cups, the stream of my consciousness is often more like a Class IV rapids ride.

Attended the Georgia Home Educators Conference this weekend. It was three jam packed days of relaxation, tension and wild excitement. All without a denim jumper. Big scores for the weekend were seeing my teens (hold me tightly) attend the Teen Track and enjoy most of it. I'll take what I can get.

Big score number two was getting to shop early on Thursday night. We bought everything we needed that night so the next two days were spent exploring curriculum choices for the future and finding great deals at the used book fair.

We were able to hear Todd Wilson, funny man with penetrating insights; Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis man unafraid to take a truth stand; and picked up CDs on Voddie Baucham, godly man who challenges families to take truth stands. We also listened to some speakers discuss changes in education and how home educators can prepare their children now for a changing college/job market.

All along we've said that we can only take one year at a time. I'm realizing though with high school on the near cusp, that while we can still switch midstream if necessary, we can not wait to look for the paddles after we are in the boat and downstream. So we are doing prep work now, planning for the homeschooling of high school and prepared to adjust if needed.

Our off time was spent with friends and family. Vitafamiliae showed up and while we all now hate Atlanta traffic, we did finally meet and eat together, laughing our way through much of the night.

For me the best thing about homeschool conferences is the mutual encouragement that comes from such gatherings. Standing in line or eating at a table together or while sitting in a workshop, you are able to hear and discuss with other moms and dads the curriculum, learning styles, learning struggles, time management and general humorous incidents that occur in the journey of home education. Since homeschoolers do not have PTAs, this is the closest we get. And not bad either.

There's the deal. I'll post again later on our curriculum choices.


  1. I think they should make our annual dinners part of the Conference schedule. Folks could learn a lot... Never mind. :-) Super fun time. Thanks for braving the traffic just for little ol' us. :-)

  2. How fun! I love homeschool conferences as well, even though it's been a while since I have attended one.

    Blessings, sister!