Saturday, April 30, 2011

Date night at the....


Yep. Apparently that's where the happening couple place is these days. After our soccer game--intense, exciting, we won! woo hooo!--I had to come back down to reality and fill the pantry. I asked Husband if he would go with me.

The Chairman was at an all day playdate and the older two were socked from soccer so we left them with the Wii and hit the Publix. For date night. There were no less than a dozen other couples there also with the same idea. And all ages. I was so amused. It was a caravan of husbands pushing shopping carts with wives tossing in the groceries.

Everyone had their own style. Some were all business. Some leisurely strolled through. And some took the divide and conquer approach. Couples even stopped in the aisles to chat with one another.

Our approach is a combination leisure, divide and conquer tactic. All the while, we chat and enjoy one another's company, while moving along the aisles. There are many things that I still cannot bend down for or lift up. Usually the boys are there to help. But Husband was my knight of all sorts this time.

However, I discovered when we got home that Husband had sneaked in some treats. Oatmeal creme pies, banana peppers, baby dill pickles, and mixed nuts. None of which were on the list--which explained the tiny bit higher bill.

Oh well. He was a help. We had fun. He's my best friend. Making it a great date night.

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