Monday, April 11, 2011

The covenantal relationships....

designed by God for His people continually amaze and delight my understanding of how the Lord of all things redeems history. For the sake of His people is not God's buzzword. For the sake of His people is His active work in all events.

In studying Isaiah this year, God's covenantal relationship to Israel has been described more than once. I remember some years ago being surprised to read that "Gentiles" was also an Old Testament word. Taking rest in the truth that God has always had a wide purpose in His sovereign election, I was reminded personally how that looks in my life.

Yesterday my three sons became communing members of our church. Husband can look to the promise and recognize his three sons as part of the sixth generation of believers. I can't look that far back into my closet. The beauty being that I do not have to.

God adopted me into His heavenly kingdom and He has given His promise that, "My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children, or from the mouths of their descendants from this time on and forever," (Isa. 59:21).

I saw that happen yesterday and my heart greatly rejoiced. I have pondered these things in my heart and tasted of their treasure.  For the boys, having confessed and been examined to be covenant keepers, shared in His supper. If not for decorum, there would have been a very loud "Woo Hoo!" from the back.

In peace and for the glory of His Name, I look to the One who has given His covenant, and know myself and my family to be greatly blessed.


  1. Well let me say it here a very loud WOO HOO from across the states!

  2. What a cause for rejoicing. "Exalt the LORD our God, and worship at his holy mountain; for the LORD our God is holy!" Psalm 99:9

  3. Love this, Elle! What a wonderful thing to be reminded of this glorious truth!